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                                    Recreational Classes

25% FAMILY DISCOUNT offered on recreational class fees (not including registration fee or fundraising fee).Discount given to one dancer per family and applied to lowest priced class.

25% INDIVIDUAL DANCER DISCOUNT offered on one recreational class fee (not including registration fee or fundraising fee). If dancer registering for more than one class, discount applied to lowest priced class.

Class Choice

CLASS FEE                                  $ 425.00

FAMILY DISCOUNT [if applicable] -$

COSTUME FEE                             $ 50.00                 

FUNDRAISING FEE:                      $ 25.00    

 *An email detailing total cost will be sent upon submission of this form to the email provided*

Choose Payment Method:   Please make cheques payable to Precision Dance Association. Recreational Dance fees are to be paid in full by December 31st, 2023. E-transfers can be sent to
  • FUNDRAISING FEE:  All dancers required to pre-pay, any fundraising you participate in for the remainder of the year will be split between the studio and credit to next years dance bill.

  • FOR RECREATIONAL CLASSES: There are 36 weeks in the full dance season. A year in review is sent out to all dancers containing the calendar for dates that are cancelled due to holidays or competitions. If more days are required to be cancelled, make up dates may be provided, however; it is the responsibility of individual dancers to attend the provided makeup classes, as additional alternate times will not be provided.

  • WAIVER: Upon completion of this registration form you will be redirected to a waiver form to be completed as part of the registration process. Failure to complete this form may result in the dancer not being permitted to remain with PDA.

Full Classes
PreDance (9:45am)
PreDance (9:00am)
Hip Hop 4-7

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